(2) SEO For Beginners Tips For Faster and Higher Rank On Google In 2021.
I rarely create beginner SEO videos however, I feel the two SEO tips in this video will certainly help out your search campaigns.
Not only help with how fast you rank in Google but also it will allow you to make better decisions when targeting keywords for ranking.

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So the two main SEO tips in this video have to do with simply looking at the SERP and not only tools that you might be using. I urge you whenever doing keyword research or perhaps looking to see who is currently winning in the SERPs.

Not only looking at a competitor ranking in a SEO tool but also look at the search engine results pages to see what types of pages are currently winning and along with diving deeper into the pages and seeing what type of pages they are.

Aside from the listed tip above I urge you to look and see what Google is showing the search results for a particular keyword or a keyword phrase to see if Google feels it is the same keyword.

Meaning look at the results are they the same for each keyword that popup are looking at and if Google shows the same results than we know we need to create one page to rank or perhaps create a supporting piece of content and not just a dedicated web page.

0:00 Intro SEO For Beginners
1:23 SEO Tips For Beginners
2:44 SEO Tip One To Rank On Google
4:49 SEO Tip Two For A Beginner
6:18 Recap of 2 SEO Tips For Faster Google Rank

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