Building a Wikipedia page is all about getting the basics right so that you can then use it to drive your SEO campaign.
Many people think of Wikipedia as nothing more than an online encyclopedia, but when you factor in that its pages rank in half of all searches,
it’s clear this is a resource you simply cannot afford to ignore. To show you how you can leverage it to your advantage,
we’re going to walk you through how to successfully use Wikipedia in your SEO strategy.

It ranks better than just about any other site out there. It’s a great resource for finding and generating new content ideas.
It’s written by the experts in your specific niche. The list just goes on and on.
That’s why it’s a mystery to us that so many businesses put great stock in Facebook and Twitter,
but are largely unaware of the benefits of Wikipedia.

The great thing about this for you is that a large number of your competitors won’t be using it as part of their strategy.
That means with a little effort on your part you can take a giant leap forward when it comes to outperforming them in search.
Just what you need if you want to take your business in an exciting new direction, virtually overnight.